Protect your privacy with anti-surveillance clothing -

This would overload computer recognition algorithms “with what it wants, oversaturating an area with faces to divert the faze of the computer vision algorithm,” said Harvey, speaking a the Chaos Communications Congress hacking conference in Hamburg recently.

Harvey has created these new facial patterns in conjunction with the design studio Hyphen Labs. He wants this to: “modify the...


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    Protect your privacy with anti-surveillance clothing - 01/04/17

    He wants this to: “modify the environment around you, whether it's someone next to you, whether you're wearing it, maybe around your head or in a new way.” A pattern like the one above, when worn, would give a computer about 1,200 possible facial

  • Irish Times Irish Times

    How to . . . block annoying online ads

    Irish Times - 01/29/17

    We've all been there – ads that take over your web browser, redirect you to unwanted websites or try to force you to download some software that you never asked for. Rogue ads, ones that Google has been clamping down on, are an annoyance at best and

  • Police News

    Simple exercises to improve your shooting

    Police News - 07/07/16

    Once the fingernail interrupts the eye line, shift your focal point from the "target" to the "front sight." The fingernail should settle superimposed over the preselected target. At that point the target will appear blurry or completely disappear

  • The Verge The Verge

    Age of Ultron: How Industrial Light & Magic built a robotic killing machine

    The Verge - 05/05/15

    How do you deal with that differential and make eyelines play? You had Spader on an apple box for a lot of the shots, and then you had this guy walking out with a stick with a big red dot on the end of it where all the actors could look up to and act


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