Computers4All USB Polygraph Machine - Home Lie Detector Testing Kit

  • The first home polygraph machine; Super easy to...
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Comes with everything you need! REALLY EASY TO USE. Plug into your computer's USB port, install software (dowhload here:, connect sensors, and the software walks you through the process!

This is the original USB home polygraph testing kit which has been Tried and Tested by The Times and The Sun newspapers. Also used on Heart 106.2 Radio by Ant & Dec, Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston.

Care for a game of truth or dare? Want to get the truth? Just want a fun party game? Now, with the home USB Polygraph you get a real polygraph machine! Use this lie detector to determine the truth (80%-99% accuracy). Great for parties, truth or dare, stag dos, hen parties, pub games and more! It is such a revolutionary kit, that The Times dedicated a double page spread to it.

Is your significant other cheating on you? Kids telling fibs? Find out now!

No training, no learning curve. Just plug it into your PC's USB port, strap the sensors to your test subject, and run the easy and fun software. Enter your questions and get the answers. The computer will analyse the responses and will report to you the truth. The software is the polygraph expert.

The USB Polygraph testing kit is compatible with: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Windows Vista, 7, 8 customers download the new software for free (contact us for the link).

The first home polygraph machine; Super easy to use, no experience necessary Computer does all the work, just enter the questions Artificial intelligence simulates an expert polygraph examiner to insure properly executed exams! This is the original polygraph testing kit which has been Tried and Te