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It is getting known that NIST no longer allows biometrics to be used on its own but requires it to be used ‘only as part of multi-factor authentication with a physical authenticator (something you have)’ in view of the inherent vulnerabilities of biometrics as stated in 5.2.3 ‘Use of Biometrics’ of Digital Identity Guidelines 800-63B. The above people may have been trapped unwittingly in the... via

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  • ValueWalk ValueWalk

    Biometrics – Confused reports still circulating rampantly

    ValueWalk - 01/23/18

    On a number of tech media still circulating so rampantly are confused reports about the password and biometrics deployed in cyberspace. We could assume that the people who circulate the befuddled perception may well have mixed up the following two

  • Washington Post Washington Post

    Microsoft is trying to kill passwords. It can't happen soon enough.

    Washington Post - 02/09/18

    “It's quite clear to us that the era of the password is passing. Based on the significant amount of accounts that now exist, it doesn't scale as a system,” William Beer, a principal at the business management consultancy EY, said. Microsoft has been

  • Jacksonville Journal Courier Jacksonville Journal Courier

    Commentary: Change is in the air, and the dryer

    Jacksonville Journal Courier - 01/25/18

    Visa offered restaurants $10,000 if they'd switch to non-cash. Guess who'll win on that deal. Many toll roads in the U.S. now feature fast lanes for those with the proper digital tag while the old-timers paying in cash must pull to the right and wait

  • (press release) (press release)

    CES 2018: Our impressions of the biggest show of the year (press release) - 01/25/18

    The X1 Carbon finally joins the legions sporting the 8th generation Intel 'Kaby Lake-R' U-series CPUs albeit a bit late. What we liked about the X1 Carbon is that it does not sacrifice fundamentals in the pursuit of mobility. You get a great screen


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