Director Randall Cole Talks 388 ARLETTA AVE - Twitch

Director Randall Cole's 388 Arletta Avenue offers a different perspective on the increasingly common and popular "found footage" aesthetic, which now seems to comprise its own genre.

Following a (mostly) unsuspecting happily married young couple (Nick Stahl, Mia Kushner), the film is less "found" and more purposefully, covertly captured by a terrifying intruder, whose... via

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    We have been using computerised facial recognition since 1969 when three Japanese scientists detected the first human face using an algorithm. Recently, research from the Max-Planck Institute found that obscuring your face doesn't hide you from facial

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    The software analyses the shadows and works out coordinates for each point on the face (below). Enlarge. nose. The PhotoFace system works by scanning a nose and analysing the image according to six main shapes - Roman, Greek, Nubian, Hawk, Snub and

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    Simple exercises to improve your shooting

    Police News - 07/07/16

    Once the fingernail interrupts the eye line, shift your focal point from the "target" to the "front sight." The fingernail should settle superimposed over the preselected target. At that point the target will appear blurry or completely disappear


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EyeLine Video Surveillance Software gratuito baixar, download ...
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View EyeLine Video Surveillance Software 1.00 Full Screenshot
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out of 5 based on 0 ratings for video surveillance software 1
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