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    MyHeritage Breach

    ISBuzz News - 06/07/18

    avoid exposing more accounts. A password manager is helpful in tracking and creating random passwords that are hard for a script to crack. Passwords are a key target for bad actors as they use them to access accounts and the sensitive data stored

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    Chrome 67 is here, with password-free logins and improved VR

    TechRadar - 05/31/18

    WebAuthn is an open standard that lets you access your accounts using biometric data, a mobile app, or a portable device like a YubiKey. This can either replace passwords, or supplement them as two-factor authentication to make your accounts more

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    PassProtect tells you if your password has been pwned

    ZDNet - 05/25/18

    SEE: Password managers: How and why to use them (free PDF). Even if your account hasn't been leaked by poor security at a website, lots of people use the same bad the attack surface on our users to having to physically steal a device, that's a


    Kiwis are Sick of Passwords and Want Biometric Payments: Visa

    findBIOMETRICS - 05/16/18

    The aim is to ultimately allow the use of biometrics for authentication at the point of sale, whether it's online or at a merchant's POS terminal. As Visa New Zealand and South Pacific Country Manager Marty Kerr explains, the standards “effectively


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